Rental Application Requirements

You need to make use of a lease application for every prospective renter, and perform a credit check on every person that you’re considering to be a tenant. This application must include credit history, employment and income information, along with Social Security and driver’s license numbers, previous evictions and/or bankruptcies, and personal references. Ask every applicant for a screening fee to cover the expense of the credit report. Encourage the rental applicant to give back the finished application form as soon as possible, in order that you can make a choice.

Now, approve your selected applicant, who is now about to become your official tenant. Schedule an appointment for the signing of the contract. Find out if this person keeps such appointment and takes all important forms, identification and money. Have a good rental contract that you review or examine the prospective renter in full detail. Be sure to iron out all the issues surrounding the rent, and then clear up all disagreements so that either party will not suffer from the consequences of those misunderstandings in the long run. Remember that it is very important for a property owner and a tenant to have a friendly relationship throughout the term of the lease.