Evaluating Rental Applicants

Screening a rental applicant serves as an essential portion of the renting process. Selecting the incorrect applicant can be tantamount to the difference between a well-kept and a trashed rental unit at the end of the rental term. Therefore, you must take your time. Screen every applicant thoroughly. Use the same evaluating rules to all your applicants, and see to it that you comply with every housing discrimination policy. The outcome will be a contended renter, who may decide to renew his rent, and a property that is maintained well.

Create a list of questions that you need to ask every prospective renter at the time of your initial interview. Ask the applicant’s reasons for choosing to move; the total number of individuals moving into your property and how they are related to your prospective tenant; the length of time that they want the rent to last; whether or not they have pets; the date and time that they intend to move in; whether they are fine with your performing some credit check; if they smoke cigarettes; and whether or not they have the contact details of their past or current landlord. Evaluate their answers to these questions and determine if these answers are okay for your leasing requirements.